The Morphic Field is a holistic modality founded by Family Constellations facilitator Megan Gunsorek to help individuals heal and transform beyond the limitations of traditional therapy and self help. The Morphic Field encompasses in person and online 1 on 1 sessions, group constellations, spiritual coaching, and transformative workshops, all aimed at fostering deep connections with one's higher self and ancestral lineage. The Morphic Field's method prioritizes the healing of generational passed-down traumas and inner child split parts, releasing of limiting beliefs and familial entanglements, empowering clients to attain clarity, confidence, peace, freedom, and a profound sense of purpose. During sessions with The Morphic Field, Megan assists her clients to accesses a healing quantum field, tuning into one's authentic self and engaging with the benevolent forces of the universe for personal and collective healing, growth, and evolution.
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