Our ideal customers want to increase their local search visibility so that they can grow sales. Our customers realize that mobile phone use has changed the face of marketing and that they need to increase their chance of being found online by adopting local search optimization best practices.

Our mission at Dig Deep Marketing is to help local businesses grow. Straightforward, I know. But how we do that is unique, we help companies grow by increasing the chances that local customers will find their business online and call them. Some people call what we do Local SEO, and others may call it inbound marketing.

Our approach is straightforward too; we first start by building a business a Local Visibility Roadmap. This roadmap is a detailed plan of how to implement best practices so that more customers will find the company. The roadmap is typically 8 - 10 pages of actionable suggestions on how to improve local visibility. With this roadmap, you can decide that you want to implement the plan and tackle the suggestions yourself, handoff the implementation to an in-house team, or you can even hire an agency. You can also hire Dig Deep Marketing to take care of it for you.

Our next product, which only can be purchased after the Roadmap, is the Local Visibility Foundation. Local Visibility Foundation is built to give a company a strong foundation for local search visibility. This where we conduct detailed keyword research and make sure that the pages on your website adhere to industry best practices. We also max out your Google My Business and Yelp listings.

Dig Deep Marketing's final product is Local Visibility Boost. With Local Visibility Boost, we tirelessly work to maximize your local search visibility and get you to the top of the search engine rankings.
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